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Jan 31 (5 days ago)

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West Texas Oil Profits
Keith Kohl Photo By Keith Kohl
Written Jan. 31, 2018
WTI crude is trading for $64.31 per barrel as I write this.
And it’s not just my veteran readers who believe it’s going to move higher in 2018. It was only a few weeks ago that I told you we could be in for another price jump… with some of my colleagues even more bullish than me.
Yes, WTI is going to continue this run. Remember, prices have jumped roughly 43% since early July and over 130% since bottoming in February of 2016.
I’m not saying everyone agrees with that sentiment.
In the rosy projections coming from both the EIA and IEA over U.S. oil production this year, we’re told the same narrative: U.S. oil will flood the market and drive prices back to $30 per barrel!
The EIA has estimated that the United States’ domestic crude production will average 10.3 million barrels per day this year, then jump to 10.8 million barrels per day in 2019.
Now, I won’t argue that oil output in the U.S. is going to increase.
It will… and that’s a good thing.
nick midas 2I recently put my boots on the ground at a remote site in Idaho... a place not accessible by typical transportation.
And what I discovered has blown away anything I’ve seen in my decade in the gold and resource sectors.
This mine is the single biggest in America. Not second or third... but #1. And absolutely NOBODY knows about it.
That will all change soon, thanks to a shocking announcement that will launch one 50-cent gold miner to unprecedented new heights.
West Texas Forever
What the last oil downturn (between 2014 and 2016) taught us is that we’re officially all in on tight oil.
In 2016, approximately 70% of the oil and natural gas wells drilled in the U.S. were horizontal wells.
Every single one of those wells needs to be hydraulically fractured.
There’s simply no way around it.
Yet it’s not just a question of how much; rather, it's where we’re getting our oil supply.
Moreover, we’re extracting approximately 5.2 million barrels of crude per day from just three regions: the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and, of course, the Permian Basin.
That represents more than half of our entire supply!
Unfortunately, not all shale plays were created equal.
And you can expect West Texas to carry the brunt of the shale load in the coming years.
ExxonMobil just announced it’s going to triple daily production in its Permian operations to 600,000 bbls/d by 2025 and pump more than $2 billion into terminal and transportation expansions.
Trust me, it isn’t the only one with that mindset.
In fact, the number of rigs drilling for crude oil in the Permian Basin has swelled to over 400. To put that into perspective, keep in mind that there are only 759 such rigs drilling for oil in the U.S. right now.
At its current pace, Permian production will soon top 3 million barrels per day.
Ah, but I can hear you ask the question now, dear reader.
“Won’t this flood the market with crude oil and drive prices lower?”
Good question.
Your Single Advantage Over Warren Buffett Could
Make You a Million By Winter’s End
He’s the biggest, richest investor in history, with enough money to run a small country.
But there’s one thing he can’t do that you can... And he’s admitted it publicly.
He absolutely cannot buy a very specific class of stock, due solely to the very thing that makes him a legend: his wealth.
And it’s this exact class of stock that makes millionaires faster than any other, bar none.
Warren Buffett can’t take advantage of it. Not for himself or for his clients.
But you can. In fact, you can be invested in just minutes, without leaving your chair.
Tapping the Thirsty Dragon
If we take the EIA at its word, global demand will top 100.1 million barrels per day in 2018 and 101.76 million barrels per day in 2019.
That’s a slight 1.7% increase this year.
Thing is, the oil markets may be tighter than you first think.
Not only is the OPEC/non-OPEC production cut deal still holding steady (both the Saudis and Russia are complying more than most would’ve thought possible), but there are two wild cards to consider.
The first is the ticking time bomb known as Venezuela.
Daily horror stories are now coming out of the country.
Between the corrupt Maduro regime, an increasingly volatile populace that has to resort to looting to keep from starving, and an oil industry struggling to get a grip on falling production… it’s only a short matter of time before Venezuela collapses into chaos.
That’s assuming, of course, that things can get any worse than they are now.
Given the rate at which Maduro’s soldiers are deserting their posts (I last read that 1,200 soldiers didn’t come back from their Christmas holiday), I can’t help but ask you how much longer you think Maduro can hold on.
Once that coup takes place, oil production will plummet all the way to zero.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see Russian and Chinese workers take over PDVSA’s rigs, especially considering that the country has been paying off its debt in barrels of oil.
We also have to consider the fact that those Permian producers can now tap global markets.
That opens up one huge market for them: Asia.
After taking over the title of the world’s largest oil importer, China swallowed up roughly 8.4 million barrels per day in 2017, a 10.1% jump over the previous year.
In 2018, China is expected to import an average of 9 million barrels per day, while producing less than 4 million barrels per day.
If you think we have it bad with our oil addiction, it’s nothing compared to China.
And it’s a perfect place for Texas crude.
Until next time,
Keith Kohl Signature
Keith Kohl
A true insider in the energy markets, Keith is one of few financial reporters to have visited the Alberta oil sands. His research has helped thousands of investors capitalize from the rapidly changing face of energy. Keith connects with hundreds of thousands of readers as the Managing Editor of Energy & Capital as well as Investment Director of Angel Publishing's Energy Investor. For years, Keith has been providing in-depth coverage of the Bakken, the Haynesville Shale, and the Marcellus natural gas formations — all ahead of the mainstream media. For more on Keith, go to his editor's page.
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Why NOBODY Knows About America’s Biggest Gold Discovery


In this presentation, you’ll discover...

  • The American deposit with 20 million ounces of gold — and why few have ever heard of it
  • When news of this major discovery will be released to the public
  • The tiny 50-cent-per-share miner with complete ownership of the mine... and how to buy in now for life-altering returns
Dear Reader,
What I recently found is perhaps the most exciting discovery of my career…
What will become America’s #1 biggest gold mine, and almost nobody knows about it.
Not the financial media.
Not analysts or gurus.
Not even experts in the mining space.
And it could hand investors the biggest and fastest gains of 2017, or the entire decade.
Let me explain...
You see, I’ve spent the last five years studying this deposit and the tiny company that owns it.
I’ve read the geologist reports, the independent surveys, and even studied the century-long history of the mine.
And everything I saw was already remarkable.
The project is huge.
Officially, there are 6 million ounces of gold there now.
Which alone makes it one of the biggest in America. But that’s just one part of the equation.
This gold is...
  • Cheaper to mine than almost any other in America
  • One of the highest-grade forms of gold
  • And incredibly easy to extract, with minimal environmental impact
Plus, as you’ll see in a moment, approval for permitting is now virtually guaranteed.
It ticked off all the boxes on gold mines that make investors rich.
But nothing I saw prepared me for what I would uncover next.
By the way, my name is Nick Hodge.
This June, I put my “boots on the ground” to get the scoop on this mine.
A place that’s so off the grid, few outside the company have seen it.
To reach it, I drove hours through the Idaho wilderness along the Salmon River to a remote lakeside town…
Then took a chartered prop plane up into the mountains and landed on a small airstrip inaccessible to the public.
Then I proceeded to explore all 1,500 acres of the property.
And incredibly enough, gold was everywhere. Let me rephrase:
In the span of miles, it was hard to find anywhere gold was NOT.
Not a single inch.
And here was my shocking conclusion:
There’s over THREE TIMES MORE GOLD here than the official reports say.
It could carry as much as 20 million ounces of gold!
That’s simply unreal.
That would make it the single biggest gold mine in America.


And even based on ultra-low gold prices... that’s a $240 BILLION gold jackpot.
The incredible part is...
Every other big gold mine in America is owned by giants like Barrick Gold.
But not this one.
Instead, one tiny, virtually unknown miner has complete ownership of this gold windfall...
And it trades for a mere 50 cents!
That won’t last for long though.
In the coming months, the mine’s REAL value will become public knowledge.
And thanks to my deep research and connections to insiders within the company... I know:
  • Exactly when this will happen
  • How much gold will be revealed
  • And how high its shares will soar
Again, you will NOT find this anywhere else.
Not in the financial media.
Not from newsletter gurus.
You’ll only hear it from me because of my extensive mining connections.
Connections which allow me privileged access to these sites and operations.
And because of my decades of experience in the mining sector, I know what I’m looking for and where to look.
I say none of this to brag, but to make you understand one thing:
When you hear everything I’m about to share with you today...
You’ll be among the few who know about America’s #1 biggest mine.
And you’ll know BEFORE everyone else does...
Allowing you to take home enormous gains like you've never seen before.
Because once this mine becomes publicly known as America’s biggest...
Investors and mining giants WILL jump over one another to buy it hand over fist.
A bidding war that will send shares surging from 50 cents to $5... to $15... and beyond.
Using previous buyouts as an indicator, I expect an acquisition for no less than $25 per share.
That makes this a 5,000% winner. And it could all happen very quickly.
In just a moment, you’ll see why these gains may actually be a CONSERVATIVE estimate of what’s coming...
In fact, NOTHING returns bigger and faster gains like a major gold mine discovery.
You’ll see how past discoveries are responsible for some of the biggest riches in market history.
And why billionaire legends like John Paulson are betting the house on this tiny miner.
You’ll see why this mine is guaranteed permitting...
Why the government WANTS this mine to begin operating...
And why NOBODY knows about its real potential.
In fact, while many mines exaggerate their reserves...
I found why this company may actually be doing the exact opposite.
It’s a major green light to early investors who buy shares immediately.
You’ll get all the details in just a moment...
But first, allow me to explain why I’m qualified to speak on the matter.

The Biggest 10-Bagger Discovery I’ve Made YET

I’ve spent the last decade of my career finding unusual, little-known opportunities in the metals & energy space...
The kind that could soar for astronomic gains overnight, minting all-new millionaires.
I do this with one simple method:
Building a massive list of political, corporate, and mining insiders from all around the world.
This is how I uncovered a tiny gold miner in Papua New Guinea.
This company is staffed by some of the world’s top geologists and mining legends. Including the man behind the Pebble Rock discovery, one of the biggest resource finds in history.
During the gold bear market, they bought a massive mine from Barrick Gold. And bought it for pennies on the dollar.
It was fully equipped and ready for production. It cost almost nothing to get the mine operational. And the production date was set in a matter of months.
I recommended this to my readers at just 35 cents. In just three months, it surged to $2.21. My readers took home a profit of 531%.
That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $63,100 — in just 90 days’ time!
It’s also how I uncovered a Brazilian gold miner that also owns a uranium package in Canada’s famed Athabascan district.
Its founders and major backers include legends who have made fortunes in uranium before.
Friends of mine like billionaire Rick Rule.
In eight months, it surged from 41 cents to $3.14.
That’s a 641% gain!
And it’s how I uncovered a lithium opportunity in the heart of Nevada’s salt brine land.
You probably know lithium as the “new gasoline.” It’s the fuel vital for Elon Musk’s Tesla 3 rollout.
Lithium has been all the rage. And dozens of companies have emerged that claim “lithium” in their name.
But I sifted through the rubble and found one with an all-star team.
The backer was a billionaire insider with very close ties to the Clintons.
And its Director has a record of starting small lithium and gold miners, then flipping them for billion-dollar buyouts.
In addition, it had a wonderful land package bordering the only known lithium mine in North America.
Plus a prime piece of real estate right in the “Saudi Arabia of Lithium.”
I got my readers in at 15 cents and in just THREE MONTHS it surged past $2.53.
That’s a whopping gain of 1,667%.

It’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $176,700... in less than 12 weeks!
My readers had the opportunity to see these life-changing returns, just by following my recommendation!
I’ve shown my readers gains like these over and over and over.
And I say none of this to brag, but to make clear the enormity of the claim I’m making today:
This gold mine is poised to eclipse every single one of these big home runs.
By a landslide.
It’s not even close.
We’re on the cusp of one of America’s historic gold mines being built.
A mine bigger than those owned by some of the world’s biggest gold giants.
And today, you can buy into the tiny miner behind it for just $0.50.
Hardly ever do we see ground-floor opportunity with so much wealth potential.
This is why billionaires are betting the house on this play!
Like John Paulson.

Billionaire Bets The House on This Unprecedented Gold Find

In 2008, Paulson gained fame for the “greatest trade ever.”
As housing prices soared to all-new highs, he made a daring bet against the real estate market.
And just months later, prices began a historic collapse, returning $15 billion to his fund...
He personally pocketed $4 billion.
All in just one single year! 
But it didn’t stop there.
In 2009, he bet on gold after it dropped...
And by 2011, gold had surged to all-time highs.
He pulled in even more than he did on his housing bet.
A whopping $5 BILLION windfall.
But now, I’ve personally uncovered the billionaire legend’s NEXT big bet...
A bet unknown to the financial media.       
Here I am standing next to Paulson at a recent investment conference in Puerto Rico.
When we met, we talked about all kinds of moneymaking strategies, ideas, and sectors...
But one thing stood out in the conversation...
The details of a new major bet he’s making on a gold mine in the Northwest...
One that is nearing approval... and is virtually guaranteed.
Just to be clear, if he’s even half right, it could be his biggest windfall yet!
With this kind of wealth potential at stake, I had to go there myself.

My Visit to This Historic Gold Site

Again, this project is great on paper, including 6 million ounces of gold that is
  • Higher grade than most other open pit mines!
  • Produced at half the cost as normal!
  • Extracted easily, with minimal environmental impact damage!
That alone makes it one of the top gold plays in America.
The only one NOT owned by a major gold giant.
But it’s EVEN BETTER in real life.
Here I am on site in Idaho.
This state is one the most favorable to mining companies.
Second only to Nevada and Alaska.
This is just one of many reasons why approval is pretty much in the bag.
In addition, the mining company is staffed by all the right insiders, including...
  • An ex-democratic candidate for Governor of Idaho
  • A three-decade insider at the U.S. Forest Service
  • A regional administrator of the EPA
  • A four-term mayor of a local Idaho town
  • A county commissioner of Idaho county
  • An executive director of Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts
This is a “Dream Team” for any mining company.
Players with respect in the community and with power in the halls of local, state, and federal capitals.
But there isn’t any backroom dealing here...
Because EVERYONE wants the jobs, money, and growth that will come from seeing this mine succeed. It will bring 1,000 jobs and more than a billion dollars of investment to the state.
Even the EPA is on board.
Why is that the case?
It has to do with the unique features of this mining site... and what the company is doing with it.

EPA Green-Lights This Mine

You see, this site has a long history of mining, with over 8 million ounces of gold produced.
But years ago, it left the site in really bad shape.
The EPA has spent $4 million on cleaning it up... with little to show for it.
Now, it’s preparing for a major turnaround... and this miner is leading the way.
This is why leading conservationists are staffing the company.
In fact, the key here is that this is NOT just a mine, but an environmental project — one that will restore the site’s natural habitat.
The company is taking charge on fixing the local wildlife.
Long story short: this project is actually a WIN for the environment.
Which is why the EPA backs these efforts.
According to a statement from the agency, "EPA has an ongoing role and interest in ensuring the integrity of the agency's past Superfund cleanup and stabilization work in the area.”
And that’s just for starters...
The company will rehabilitate a fish passage along the river that has been closed for three quarters of a century… remove and reprocess old mine tailings that are leaching into the river… and use waste rock for new construction.
Whereas so many gold mines give the business a bad reputation...
This one is going out of its way to respect the local wildlife, rivers, and forests.
This is an even bigger deal locally.
Idaho is home to many conservationists, ranchers, and hunters.
These guys live here for one reason:
The pristine wilderness. And they want to keep it that way.
Bottom line:
The mine’s environmental friendliness pleases everyone... and gives nothing but upside for the economy AND environment.
There’s another player here who wants this mine to kick into gear.
One you’d never expect.
The Pentagon.

The Pentagon is Desperate for this Mine’s OTHER Metal...

Why would the military care about a gold mine?
Because the site is home to what the defense brass calls “a critical strategic metal”... and the U.S. has none of it.
This is why the site was first mined 100 years ago — to produce the mineral for the military to help win WWII.
It’s called antimony.
And its applications for the military include...
  • Missile guidance
  • Jet engine covers
  • Infrared detectors
  • Thermal-imaging cameras
  • The list goes on and on...
And here’s the thing...
The supply is almost entirely mined in China. And the Red Giant is starting to run short.
Plus, looming war with North Korea could cut off China’s antimony exports to America.
In short, the Pentagon needs this mineral... and will do whatever it takes to secure a supply.
It’s a big “kicker” to the mine, one that gives the federal government an extra push to approve it. And I know for a fact the feds have already been there to scope it out.
Here’s a question you may have been wondering...

“Why Has This Gold Miner Kept Its Real Wealth A Secret?”

It’s simple.
Mines with 5 or 6 million ounces of gold are much easier to get approved.
Fewer “official” reserves means fewer loopholes, less waiting time, less regulatory hassle.
It has all the motive to keep the true extent of its reserves quiet for now — at least quiet to the public.
So this is a big “wink wink” to investors.
In reality — and you could only know this by visiting the site — it holds no less than 20 million gold ounces, by my calculations.
A fact that will be released to the public in the next few months.
What’s the real upside potential here?
To get an idea...
Consider the biggest gold and metals discoveries in recent years.
Like the Pierina property in Peru, one of the most important gold discoveries in South America.
The company that owned it, Arequipa Resources, traded for mere pennies...
But when drilling results turned up 5 million ounces of gold in the ground...
The miner was quickly bought out by Barrick Gold for over $30 a share in a stunning acquisition.
Early investors saw massive 100-bagger gains on the historic buyout.
Mind you, this was during a long-term gold bear market — when the price stayed flat and even declined. And that’s just for starters...

Major Metal Discoveries Always Mint Millionaires — No Matter What the Underlying Price is Doing!

Consider the Timok copper-gold deposit of 2012.
It was the copper discovery of the decade and the biggest in European history.
The miner that owned it, Reservoir Minerals, quickly surged for unbelievable returns.
In just four years it skyrocketed for 12,000% gains. And that was just for starters...
Even during the bear market of the 2010s, its shares continued soaring over and over. Finally, it was bought out for a handsome premium.
All told, you could have seen 32,000% gains had you seen this coming... and bought in early.
That’s good enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $320,000.
And every $5,000 invested into $1.6 million.
Then there’s the historic Voisey's Bay discovery in Labrador, Canada.
In 1995, exploration turned up the largest and lowest-cost nickel deposit in the world.
The company that owned it, Diamond Fields, soared for the biggest and fastest gains on record.
At just 10 cents a share... 12 months later it surged past $200 — before being bought out by Inco.
That’s a 200,000% gain in a single year!
All of Diamond Field’s early investors became fantastically rich, no matter how much they invested.
And now, history is about to repeat itself.
This time with America’s biggest gold mine.
Remember, I’m only privy to this mine’s real wealth because of my insider contacts...
My boots-on-the-ground visit to the mining site in Idaho...
And my personal conversation with billionaire John Paulson — the company’s single biggest investor.
Few outside of a very well-connected group of mining gurus have even heard of this company.
Almost nobody knows of its real wealth. But that won’t last much longer.
Once details of this mine’s reserves go public... and they have to... this 50-cent miner will begin a breathtaking ride.
The kind not seen since Diamond Fields surged for 200,000% gains on its nickel discovery.
Overnight the major gold giants will begin the bidding war of a lifetime... driving shares up to $5... $15... past $30.
Why wait to buy it later, when shares are above $5 or even $30, when you can buy right now for just $0.50?
To get you started immediately, I’ve compiled a full dossier on this ground-floor opportunity called...

"10,000% Gains on America’s Biggest Gold Mine"

Here’s a quick preview of what it includes:
  • The name and ticker symbol of the 50-cent-per-share company with complete ownership of the mine
  • Thorough company profile based on my boots-on-the-ground investigation, including intel you won’t find on CNBC or even in industry journals.
  • Exclusive, off-the-cuff footage of my recent visit to the mining site, including interviews with the executives and geologists
  • The 20-million-ounce gold reserve... why it’s certain... and why nobody is privy to it
  • Imminent catalysts, including the public release of this mine’s real wealth potential
Best of all — I’ve decided to give this report to anyone who’s interested... totally free of charge.
So, how can you get your copy today?
Let me show you...            
Nick_conference_190x190Again, my name is Nick Hodge.
I’m the founder and president of an investment research firm based in Baltimore, Maryland.
I publish my findings in a monthly online newsletter called Wall Street's Underground Profits.
The goal of this research service is simple: Help ordinary investors make fast, safe profits on the biggest financial trends that you’ll NEVER read about through the mainstream press.
Over the past few years alone, I've helped my readers make gains in many sectors of the market, including:
  • 1,480% on Lithium X
  • 531% on K92 Mining
  • 489% on Almadex Minerals
  • 241% on Ivanhoe Mines
  • 226% on Pioneering Technology
  • 211% on Golden Leaf Holdings
  • 316% on Akeena Solar
  • 245% on Organovo
  • 426% on Alternate Energy Holdings (in just 3 months)
  • 391% on BYD Company (in 3 months)
  • 240% on Brazil Resources
  • And many more.
The list goes on. I've helped investors from all walks of life bank dozens of multi-baggers and hundreds of double-digit wins over the course of my career.
And it’s helped make many of my readers life-changing money.
One guy by the name of Dan L. wrote to me about one of my recent recommendations...
"I made over $100,000 with you on the first             run a year or so ago..."
I’ve had to redact the stock name there because it’s an active play that’s still making people money, and it wouldn’t be fair to those currently holding positions.
Donald M. shared his story, too:
"I did very well on two picks. Pretty lucky with a profit of $27,649!"
And Anthony R. recently wrote me to say:
"This is the most profitable service in almost 10 years of trading. Pure and simple. [Three picks] have been triple-digit winners for me. As a friend of mine who speaks broken English would say, 'THANK YOU VERY BIG.'"
But my favorite is from Tom D., who made nearly half a million dollars on a single trade:
"Nick — My account is now over $450,000. Happy with the gains so far! Thanks!"
Stories like these are why I love to do what I do.
But that doesn’t mean my job is easy...
It takes a lot of hard work and boots-on-the-ground research to maintain the success I’ve experienced.
Whether it’s flying out to the Nevada desert to get a firsthand look at the lithium that will supply our electric future while enriching shareholders…

Or walking the conference floor with company executives at the most prestigious investment shows in the country...

Or, as I did in this case, trekking through Idaho to what could become the largest gold mine in the country...

There’s not a stone I won’t turn over if I think there’s money to be made on the other side.
As a result, I spend millions of dollars each year on research and growing my business.
I’ve been in a three-man helicopter over the Canadian wilderness... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences across the country... all in the name of securing the full stories behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.
But of all the stories I’ve broken in my career...
Of all the gains I’ve helped my readers make...
NOTHING compares to the opportunity that’s unfolding in the gold market right now.
Flat out: It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to make life-changing 10,000% gains in the next few years.
The kind that could allow you to retire early with more money than you know what to do with.
But it’s CRUCIAL that you position yourself right now, before this mine’s real wealth is released to the public...

Wall Street's Underground Profits

Even if you manage to find the PERFECT stock to invest in... that one stock that’s guaranteed to make you money in the long run... how much should you pay for it?
Better yet, what happens if there’s a lot of volatility? Do you keep the stock, buy more shares, or cut your losses?
These are questions even the most seasoned investors on Wall Street have trouble answering.
That’s why I created Wall Street's Underground Profits — a newsletter designed to take the guesswork out of investing for the average person.
Here’s how it works:
On the second Friday of every month, I publish a new issue of Wall Street's Underground Profits.
In it, I give brand-new recommendations... explain what to do with existing portfolio holdings... and go over my overall market theses in great detail.
ALL of the legwork is done for you. Your only job is to execute the investments I outline — it really couldn’t be easier.
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Nick Hodge
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Selasa, 23 Januari 2018

Because within this crisis, he saw his opportunity....???..>> .... An extraordinary gentleman who, year after year, decade after decade, through good times and bad... Through wars and recessions, through stock market panics and stock market bubbles... Has shown untold numbers of everyday people how to become millionaires ...>> Why some people.. or group of people.. such they like the world in crisis..?? it is not any common people...but may be they are so wonderful people.. and have a big biz and some terrifc position.. in society..?? anyhow.. why they love war.. or some the big crisis.. in economic and more biger... such as war and chaos ... ?? ..>> So.. in the crisis... and can be it is the big crisis..?? is it will happen ... Gold could rise to $5,000 an ounce, or more! ...??>> ...It’s a fascinating and cinematic work of unparalleled importance. Goldbug! should be read by every American — and it should be assigned reading in every high school, college, and university. Jim Puplava, host of FinancialSense.com, said: “If you really want to gain an understanding of gold, what led up to various events that you’ve seen in your lifetime and more importantly where we’re going in the future, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Goldbug! It’s well written, easy to understand, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the big picture.” Mike Campbell, host of Money Talks, wrote: “The Goldbug! book is so timely with what’s happening in the world and what’s happening with the world of gold. I found this book absolutely fascinating. And I adored how the book shows you how to protect yourself.”.....>> and now.. why they provoke Hezbullah.. or Jihadist..?? and again... appointed ti Islamist as the terorist..?? Why should make the sour name and tytle to Islamist ??? >> anyway...... An extraordinary gentleman who, year after year, decade after decade, through good times and bad... Through wars and recessions, through stock market panics and stock market bubbles... Has shown untold numbers of everyday people how to become millionaires ...>>>

There Will Be War


When North Korean missiles strike Japan, South Korea, or Los Angeles...
When Iran orders Hezbollah to unleash its entire arsenal of 120,000 missiles on Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem...
When Russian, Chinese, or North Korean hackers cut power to the entire U.S. Eastern Seaboard, including Washington, D.C...
When Islamic jihadists fly drones into a football stadium and disperse VX gas or a deadly virus or drop bombs...

What will your money and stocks be worth then?


Dear Reader,

As a child, he was a spoiled brat... a sadistic bully.
Today, he’s revered.
Over 25 million people view him as a living god.
But he’s a mass murderer... a 21st century Adolph Hitler.
And if you’re smart...
You’ll prepare yourself for what he wants to do next.
And what he wants to do next...
Could make you rich. 
Or kill you.
And there’s nothing the United States, or any other country, can do to stop him.
This is Kim Jong Un, the exalted supreme leader of North Korea.


He’s crazy. A total nutjob.
But he is not stupid.
He is though reckless, unpredictable, and quite possibly delusional.
We believe he possesses at least 40 nuclear bombs.
And he’s feverishly developing an arsenal of intercontinental missiles to deliver them.

His often-stated goal: to have the ability to vaporize any U.S. city from Los Angeles to Florida at will.

And, short of assassinating him, we can’t do anything to stop him.
China, his main patron and benefactor, will not stop him.
In short, this crazed despot with a ridiculous haircut is holding us, the most powerful country in the world, hostage to his megalomaniacal dreams.
It’s an intolerable situation...
One that keeps many Americans, and not just those at the Pentagon, up at night.

But there is a silver lining in this.

Because in every crisis there exists opportunity.
An opportunity for financial gain.
The classic example...
In 1939, when Hitler's Stormtroopers were goose-stepping across Europe...


A young man named John Templeton bought $100 worth of every European stock trading below $1 on the New York and American stock exchanges.
And he did it with borrowed money, no less.

Because within this crisis, he saw his opportunity.

And he seized it!
And by seizing it, he became a living legend.
After the war, John Templeton went on to found Franklin Templeton, the mutual fund company.
By the time he retired, he was worth billions.
In a moment, I’ll introduce you to another living legend, someone you’ve no doubt heard of.

An extraordinary gentleman who, year after year, decade after decade, through good times and bad...

Through wars and recessions, through stock market panics and stock market bubbles...

Has shown untold numbers of everyday people how to become millionaires

Indeed, his investment recommendations have produced a long list of quadruple-digit gains.
A few are listed below:
  • 7,900% on Biogen
  • 5,760% on Johnson & Johnson
  • 5,602% on Amgen 
  • 4,237% on ASA 
  • 3,353% on America Online
  • 3,315% on Quest Rare Minerals
  • 3,163% on Procter & Gamble
  • 2,848% on CMGI
  • 2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
  • 2,168% on Agnico Eagle
  • 1,912% on Laramide
  • 1,559% on Rare Element
  • 1,553% on AngloGold 
  • 1,485% on Silver Std 
  • 1,291% on Pinetree
  • 1,073% on Whole Foods 
(To show you his list of triple-digit gains would take up too many pages.)
I want you to meet some of the people who have leveraged these gains to become millionaires.
People who were once just like you.
People like Martin Williamson from Arizona, who captured a 1,000+% gain:
I took what was left of an ailing IRA and bought 150,000 shares of [company] for $93K. Yesterday, that account closed out above $1 million.
In a moment, this extraordinary gentleman will tell you directly how, starting today, you could become a millionaire, too.
But before he does...
I want to ask you a question.
What do you think will happen...
When North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, a modern-day Hitler, to avenge some insult or provocation — an assassination attempt, perhaps...
Orders his artillery batteries to open fire on South Korea...


Resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including American soldiers among the approximately 30,000 stationed along the North Korean border?
Or, now that he’s believed to possess nuclear-tipped long-range missiles...
Launches an attack on Guam, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Chicago, or other American cities?
If that or some similar attack were to unfold...
If ISIS or Al-Qaeda places a briefcase containing a deadly radiation-emitting neutron bomb in a trash can in New York’s financial district, a.k.a., Wall Street, and detonates it...
Or, using store-bought drones, some other jihadist terrorist group disperses a deadly virus or bacterium inside a sports stadium in Los Angeles, Miami, or Chicago...


Or if Russian, North Korean, or Chinese hackers attack our electric grid, shutting it down, holding it up for ransom, or destroying it...
As they’ve shown time and time again that they can...
As reported in the Washington Post and by other news outlets:
“Hackers allied with the Russian government have devised a cyberweapon, dubbed CrashOverride, that has the potential to be the most disruptive yet against electric systems that Americans depend on for daily life.”
It could leave large swaths of our country without power for weeks, months, if not years...


There’d be no internet... no lights... no heating or air-conditioning... no gas at the pumps... no anything that is computer- and electricity-dependent — which is almost everything...
People fitted with pacemakers could drop dead where they stand.
People fitted with insulin pumps could go into diabetic shock and die.
And you... you won’t be able access the money in your checking and savings accounts to buy food — food that’s rapidly spoiling on store shelves...
And there’d be no record of your stock or bond holdings, because every digital transaction will have been erased, including Bitcoin accounts.
And when banks and ATMs run out of cash...
What do you think will happen...
To the price of gold?
It doesn’t require much thought.
Gold will explode. It will skyrocket!


Gold could rise to $5,000 an ounce, or more!

And that price explosion could figuratively happen overnight.
So, should you run out today and buy as many gold bars as you can carry?
No, of course not.


A standard gold bar weighs roughly 27 pounds... clearly not something you can keep in your pocket to trade for goods and services.
Besides, one gold bar would cost you roughly a half-million dollars.
So what kind of gold should you buy?

According to this extraordinary gentleman...

Coins — gold coins!
And he favors one gold coin in particular: the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 coin.
He recommends you buy as many as you can afford.


But beyond gold coins, where else does he recommend you invest your money as protection against the unthinkable?
Now, before I tell you which gold investments he’s personally buying, holding, and recommending to everyone willing to listen...
A bit of background...
His most recent BUY GOLD recommendation was published last year on February 5, 2016, just a few dollars off its bottom.

And a great many people took notice.

Coincidentally or not, shortly after making that call, many investors began fleeing stocks.
As of August 2016, Reuters reported 22 consecutive weeks of stock selling.
Global investment management company BlackRock reported it suffered $288 billion in withdrawals from its U.S.-based stock funds.
And much of that money was headed... where?
Into gold.
Bank of America reported $5.8 billion in gold fund buying in just a three-week span.
Investors were rushing out of stocks and piling into gold — just as they had done during the 2008 Great Recession.
And not only were everyday Joes running to gold...
  • George Soros bought $123 million worth of gold.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller, the hedge fund billionaire, piled into gold as well... placing more than $320 million of his own money into gold.
  • David Einhorn moved 10% of his $11 billion Greenlight Capital portfolio into gold.
  • Ray Dalio, John Paulson, Barry Rosenstein, and Jim Simons — all billionaires — also bought gold.
Hedge funds, too, bought gold, and they are buying gold still:
  • “Hedge Fund Stars are Backing Gold” — May 13, 2016 (MarketWatch)
  • “Hedge Funds Are Hiding Out in Gold” — November 6, 2016 (Bloomberg)
  • “Hedge Funds Pile Into Gold at Fastest Pace Since 2007” — June 1, 2017 (Zero Hedge)
So, are you too late?
Of course not!
When it comes to gold, there’s no such thing as too late.
Of course, it’s always better to buy gold, or any investment, at or near its bottom.
And as you’ll soon see, catching stocks, gold, and other commodities near their bottoms is a trademark of this extraordinary gentleman.
But returning to gold for a moment — before we move on to his other investment recommendations, which will no doubt shock you and potentially make you rich...
What do you think could be even better than owning gold coins or gold bars right now? 
I’ll save you time.
Owning gold-mining stocks!
As this world-famous investor pointed out in his critically acclaimed book, Goldbug!...
Even when stocks and bonds cratered during the Great Depression of the 1930s...
Shares of gold miners were heading to the moon!
It makes sense! They produce the gold.
On a percentage basis, when physical gold takes off, many gold miners will shoot even higher.
Nonetheless, when a crisis or catastrophe rears its ugly head, you’d better own gold coins, gold miners, or both.
Certainly not cash.
Cash is like the car in your driveway. Every year, it loses more and more of its value.
Since 1913, when the U.S. Federal Reserve was established and the dollar was worth a dollar, its value has gone nowhere but down.
In 2013, $1 was worth only $0.05.
Today, it’s worth even less. See the graphic below.

But beware: Do not buy the gold miners now being recommended on MarketWatch, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, or other websites.
Those gold miners are already way overbought.
The herd has been drinking heavily from that stream.
What you want to do instead, as this successful investor is always fond of saying, is drink upstream from the herd.
Below are five gold miners this world-class investor recently added to his personal gold portfolio.
And every one is upstream from the herd.

Gold Miner #1:
A “gold streaming” company.

In other words, it doesn’t physically mine gold. 
Instead, in exchange for financing, it purchases all or part of the gold that miners dig up.
And it does it at a fixed price well below the going market rate.
For example, according to the company’s 2017 first-quarter report, the average price it paid for gold was just $391 per oz.
Compare that to the $1,200-$1300 range gold is currently trading at, and you can see why this company alone could make you rich.
Worldwide, this company has “streaming contracts” with 29 different gold mines.
For these reasons and more, the Motley Fool wrote in a recently published article that this stock could very well be “the world’s most perfect stock.”

Gold Miner #2:
In 2000, when the company was a small outfit, just starting out...

The company’s founder, always thinking outside of the box, shared with the public the geological data on one of his gold properties.
And he said: Anyone who can locate 6 million ounces on that property, I’ll pay you $575,000!
Bingo! On that one property, more than 110 gold sites yielding spectacular gold reserves were identified.
Those discoveries turned the company into one of the most profitable gold miners in the industry today.
In the most recent year on record, this gold miner, now with 13 operating gold mines, pulled 2.9 million ounces of gold out of the ground.
At today’s market rate, that gold is worth roughly $4 billion.

Gold Miner #3:
This gold miner has been around for a long, long time.

How long? Long enough that it’s been able to pay an annual cash dividend for the past 36 years!
And for the fifth consecutive year, the company’s annual gold production has exceeded its annual guidance.
With that in mind, it now states that over the next three years, it expects to increase its gold production by a stunning 30%.
So if its past performance is an indication, you could reasonably expect it to beat guidance again, increasing its production even more than 30%.
As one independent analyst stated, it is “one of the best managed companies among the senior miners, and should outperform its peers in the future.”

Gold Miner #4:
This South African gold miner, which trades on the NYSE, is another “must-own” gold miner.

It began operations in 1944, during WWII.
Currently, it’s the third-largest producer of gold in the world. Last year it produced 3.6 million ounces.
It owns 17 mines in nine countries across three continents. And it also owns silver and uranium mines.
If you can only afford to pick one gold miner to own, this one is an excellent choice.

Gold Miner #5:
This gold miner is really unique. It could easily outperform all four previously mentioned miners.

Its founder was the founder of Goldcorp, one of the 600-pound gorillas in the gold-mining space.
And partly because he led Goldcorp to a 31% annual return for 10 years straight, this past January he was inducted into the Mining Hall of Fame.
As for his new company, which he founded in 2012, and from which he takes only a $1 annual salary...
It’s already profitable... debt-free... sports a market cap just shy of $1 billion... and pays shareholders a monthly dividend.
There are five more gold miners worth buying — all owned by this legendary investor.
But I’ll let him tell you the name and ticker symbols of all these companies later on.

So who is he? This gentleman who I and others have called extraordinary, amazing, and legendary?

If you haven’t already guessed his name...
Listen to this true story...
It’s what transformed him into an international celebrity and prompted Wall Street to declare him a genius.
The story actually begins almost 100 years ago...

When Owning Gold Is Illegal

In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States by promising to end the Great Depression and create jobs.
To fund a long list of programs designed to stimulate the economy, known as the New Deal, he printed money.
(Sound eerily familiar?)
But he couldn’t print enough money fast enough to pay for all these New Deal programs.

Because at that time, as required by law, every dollar printed had to be backed by 1/35th troy ounce of gold.

In the meantime, panicking Americans were withdrawing their gold from banks.
So Roosevelt hatched a plan to make all that gold belong to the government.
He signed Executive Order 6102, declaring gold ownership illegal — a federal crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Every American was ordered to hand over their gold to the government.

(Unbelievable, right? But absolutely true!)
Adding insult to injury, for every ounce turned in, American citizens were paid only $20.67.
So the government, now flush with gold, shifted the printing presses into high gear.
Fast-forward to 1944 (this part is important, as you’ll see): the U.S. and 43 other countries met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.
There they agreed, for purposes of international trade, that the price of gold would be permanently set at $35 per ounce, and also that all currencies would be tied to gold and the U.S. dollar.
Remember, it’s still illegal for American citizens to own gold.

Now fast-forward to the 1960s.

This extraordinary gentleman, fresh out of service in military intelligence, went to work on Wall Street as a junior security analyst with A.M. Kidder & Co.
Soon he was promoted to Senior Security Analyst.
Six months later he was promoted again, this time to write Kidder’s weekly market newsletter.
And one year later, in recognition of his many successful market predictions, the weekly newsletter was renamed The Dines Letter.
Yes, this extraordinary gentleman is none other than the legendary Mr. James Dines.

james_dines_shadow2So what did he do next that elevated him into the ranks of living legends alongside Warren Buffett, George Soros, John Paulson, Jack Bogle, Charlie Munger, and others?

It begins with the charts he kept hidden in his desk while writing The Dines Letter.
Why hidden? Because back in the 1960s, charting, or technical analysis, as it’s now called — identifying trends and timing the market — was considered “voodoo economics.”

To be outed as a chartist, a market timer, was a death sentence on Wall Street.

Had Kidder & Co. known he had kept many charts hidden in his desk — and at home — he would’ve been fired on the spot.
How ironic then that those charts, which allowed him to time the markets to near perfection, were the basis for so many of his successful investment recommendations...
Which, in turn, earned him a string of rapid promotions.
Plus, he was being quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and on radio and TV shows.
Years later, when he wrote a book titled Technical Analysis...
It was immediately hailed as a "classic" when a Barron's reviewer wrote:
"It is the most comprehensive text ever written on the entire arcane field of investment analysis. This book was deliberately designed to attract the novice and then turn him into a pro. The established pro could learn much from it. We wholeheartedly recommend that you read the book."
The London Financial Times wrote:
"Mr. Dines has done for Technical Analysis what Graham & Dodd has done for Fundamental Analysis."
Unfortunately, the book is now out of print. But old copies are being sold new in the rare books markets for about $1,000 each.

But then Mr. Dines went too far...

While still at Kidder & Co., his charts and analyses revealed that gold would rise in a “historic bull market,” as the dollar was about to be devalued.
So, of course, he began recommending gold and gold stocks in The Dines Letter.
But that didn’t sit too well with Kidder & Co.
Because owning gold was still illegal!

Therefore, he was told to never recommend gold stocks again.

If he refused, he’d be fired.
Well, he refused.
So he was fired.
And no other brokerage house would hire him. He was considered too risky. A rebel. Unwilling to toe the company line.
So he did the unthinkable...
He published The Dines Letter on his own as a pay-to-subscribe newsletter.
Which was unheard of.
Because at that time, investment newsletters were only published by brokerage houses, and they were distributed to their customers free of charge.
Undeterred, Mr. Dines immediately hopped on a plane and flew to South Africa.
There he discovered gold miner Blyvoor, which was trading for $1 a share and paying an annual dividend of $1 a share.
He recommended it.
He figured that if his readers held the stock for just one year, they would double their money because of the dividend!
But, as it turned out...
Blyvoor rose to $3 a share.
And his newsletter quickly took off.
As for A.M. Kidder & Co., they went bankrupt.
Which proved to Mr. Dines that God exists!
Not too long afterwards, he heard of another gold miner, Agnico Eagle, which stubbornly refused to sell gold for the mandated $35 an ounce.
He immediately contacted its CEO, Paul Penna.
They became fast friends, and because the stock was severely undervalued in Mr. Dines’ opinion, at just $1 a share, he also recommended it to his readers.
It eventually traded as high as $74 a share...

A gain of 7,300%.

Fast-forward to 1974. President Gerald Ford finally lifts the prohibition against owning gold.
Mr. Dines promptly predicted, based on his charts, that gold would rise from its fixed level of $35 an ounce to over $400 an ounce...
A gain of at least 1,043%.
It was a preposterous idea. He was laughed at. Ridiculed.
The same way people today laugh at the notion that gold could rise to $5,000 an ounce or more.
But Mr. Dines had the last laugh, as he often does.
And The Dines Letter readers who followed his recommendation to buy gold saw their gold not only reach $400 an ounce, but soar past it to $850 an ounce in just a few short years.

A gain of 2,329%.

In hindsight, Barron’s magazine (owned by Dow-Jones Company) dubbed his gold call “one of the most fantastic investment calls on record.”
Of course, gold’s rise would eventually come to an end.
In 1982, Mr. Dines told his subscribers to “sell gold” based on what he was seeing in his charts.
Sure enough, shortly afterwards, gold began its 70% three-year decline.
But not before subscribers to The Dines Letter had an opportunity to lock in their 20-fold gold profits.
Years later, when everyone was reeling from the “tech wreck” of the 2000s, he issued a buy call on gold again.
At that time, it was trading at $250 an ounce — near its lowest price in decades.

Of course, now it’s trading 5X higher at around $1,250 an ounce!

But speaking of the tech wreck and drinking upstream from the herd...

Here’s proof that ignoring the recommendations of this master investor could cost you dearly!

In 1984, he recommended a penny stock.
A little-known tech company trading for $0.43 a share (adjusted for splits).
Apple Computer.
It subsequently rose to $163.63.
Had you been a reader of The Dines Letter back then, invested $10,000 in Apple, and held onto your shares...
For an otherworldly gain of 37,953%...
You’d now be sitting on close to $3.8 million.
Just because you were a reader of The Dines Letter and you took action!
But wait, it gets better!
Ten years later, right around 1994, long before most people even knew what the internet was...
Mr. Dines was investigating its potential.
He started creating charts on some “very interesting internet stocks.”
One year later, during a 1995 lecture in San Francisco, he declared to a packed house of investors, nearly all of whom weren’t even aware that the internet existed...
That the internet would revolutionize the world.
That it would have a greater impact on the world and on commerce than the Gutenberg printing press 500 years earlier.
Laughter and ridicule ensued, again.
Nonetheless, he recommended selected “internet stocks” to his readers.
For example, he recommended they buy Amazon, then trading at $4.77 (adjusted for splits).
Today, of course, Amazon trades around $1,000 a share.

A gain of 20,864%.

Had you been one of his readers, acted on his recommendation, and invested $10,000 in Amazon...
Today, you’d be sitting on well over $2 million!
He also recommended:
  • America Online at $2.78 a share. His readers had the chance to ride it to a high of $96... a gain of 3,353%.
  • CMGI at $5.53 a share. The stock hit a high of $163 a share... a gain of 2,848%.
And there were seven more internet stocks, including Yahoo, that he recommended.
All in one issue of The Dines Letter.
There’s no counting how many “internet millionaires” that one issue of The Dines Letter helped create.
And many are still readers of The Dines Letter today.
Like Margorie Gakich of California, who’s been a loyal reader for 40 years!
But as good as the internet run was, Mr. Dines saw clouds gathering.
His charts were showing that too many investors were drinking from that stream.
On December 3, 1999, he told his subscribers of his concern that professional money managers and new internet mutual funds were pouring into the stock market and that this was strongly signaling a market top.
He told his readers to sell.
60 days later the tech wreck began, and millions of everyday investors were slaughtered.
Which is yet another reason why Moneyline called Mr. Dines:
"One of the most extraordinary men in America today; a man with a long and glorious reputation as one of the first people to call real turns in our marketplaces over the years!”
In fact, over the last 21 years… Mr. Dines has correctly predicted the Dow's major market moves 19 out of 21 times!
That’s an unheard of success rate of over 90%.
He’s made many other predictions over the years, nearly all of which came true.
Nearly 40 years ago, he predicted China would be a “major new economic force” and would “dominate the 21st century.”
This when China’s GDP was just $175 billion, a mere fraction of the $11 trillion dragon it is today.
Of course, many of these predictions made his readers millionaires.
Readers like Stanley Stein:

Turning $125,000 into $1 million!

I turned 65, I lost my job and my wife died. I took my retirement funds and after several false starts, subscribed to The Dines Letter. You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes.

Let Mr. Dines tell you when the tide is turning next, and then you, too, could make $1 million!

Now, before I close this letter...
I’ve selected two more niches to quickly share with you that Mr. Dines is currently bullish on and that could easily help you become a millionaire.
This first one, you’re probably going to say, no way!
Which, as I’ve shown you, is what most investors say every time Mr. Dines makes a seemingly outrageous market prediction.
And the reason they’re always disbelieving is because Mr. Dines has the charts and they don’t.
Then, of course, when his predictions come true... they’re too late to drink upstream from the herd.
So now consider...
There is a commodity — a relatively rare metal — for which life on this planet is increasingly dependent.
Demand for it is far outstripping supply, and that will continue to be true for years to come.
Therefore, the price of this metal is practically guaranteed to keep rising.
By the way, the last time Mr. Dines recommended this metal to his readers, as he’s now doing again, its price skyrocketed from $8 a pound to $138 a pound.
A gain of 1,625%.
It’s uranium.
And the reason Mr. Dines is so bullish on it again is because...
With Fukushima now a distant memory, nuclear power is very fashionable again.
30 countries are now operating a combined 449 nuclear reactors.
And these countries and their utility companies cannot buy enough uranium fast enough to keep their reactors running.
Worldwide, uranium consumption stands at 190 million pounds a year, but only 140 million pounds a year is produced.
50 million pounds less than is needed!
Making matters worse, here in the U.S. we gobble up 25% of the world’s production.
So there’s a real fear the lights around the world could go out unless more uranium is mined... and quickly.
After all, France relies on nuclear energy to supply 72% of its electricity.
Belgium relies on nuclear energy to supply 52% of its electricity.
In Sweden, 40% of the electricity comes from nuclear power.
In Switzerland, 34%.
In fact, in 2016, 13 countries relied on nuclear power to supply at least 25% of their electricity.
Now listen to this, and your palms will really start itching...
No less than 60 new nuclear reactors are currently under construction in 15 different countries.
In the U.S. there are plans for five new reactors, beyond the four already under construction now.
China is building two new nuclear power plants in Iran, with four more on the drawing board.
The world’s largest nuclear power plant is being built in Hong Kong and will be the prototype for one planned for England.
China will also build two nuclear power plants in Argentina.
And for itself, China is building a new nuclear power plant every few months.
It plans to triple its nuclear capacity within the next five years.
Altogether, worldwide, over 160 nuclear power plants are planned and over 300 more are proposed.
So what does that tell you?
Nuclear power plant construction is surging — again!
But uranium to power these plants is still in woefully short supply.
Therefore, you’d have to be crazy to think uranium prices won’t be heading sharply higher.
Unfortunately, you just can’t go out and buy uranium and trade it for a gain.
But you can buy uranium miners!
In the early 2000s, at the beginning of the last uranium bull market, Mr. Dines recommended Mega Uranium, a miner that was trading at $0.46 a share.
It eventually hit $8.98 a share...

A gain of 1,852%.


Had you been a reader of The Dines Letter back then and heeded Mr. Dines’ buy recommendation, investing $10,000 in Mega Uranium...
In no time at all you could’ve made yourself $185,200.

At that time, he also recommended uranium miner Pinetree, trading for $1.16 a share.
Its shares bounced up to $16.13 a share...
For a gain of 1,291%.
A $10,000 investment in Pinetree would have earned you $129,100.

Want a second chance to win the uranium jackpot?

Here are two underpriced uranium companies Mr. Dines is holding onto as we head into uranium’s next bull market...

Uranium Miner #1:
Not only is it the most “awarded” uranium explorer in the world...

It also owns the world’s richest uranium deposits!
The company sits on approximately 108.3 million pounds of proven reserves. Exploration for further deposits is ongoing as we speak.
Total value of its uranium deposits: roughly $2.2 billion.
In other words, it’s sitting on uranium that’s worth about 18 times the company's current market cap.
If this company isn’t grossly undervalued, no company is.
Which could explain why Chinese mining company CGN, anticipating a uranium boom, jumped in and bought a 20% stake in the company this past December.

Uranium Miner #2:
A junior miner that enjoys the best of both worlds.

It owns uranium mines (in the U.S. and Australia). And it also operates mines (in Australia) as joint ventures.
It’s a Canadian company, and its wholly owned Australian mine is one of the largest undeveloped uranium mines in Australia.
Even more impressive, one of its joint venture mines ranks “first in the world for recoverable uranium!”
Of course, the herd hasn’t caught on to this gem. It trades over the counter for just around $0.20 a share.
Accordingly, Mr. Dines thinks this company has tremendous upside.
If it takes off like his Mega Uranium pick did, with a 1,852% gain...
A $10,000 investment could once again pay out $1.9 million!

Opportunities like these are why Jack Kirik of Illinois has been a loyal subscriber to The Dines Letter for 8 years!

Thank you for making me a fortune. I have been a subscriber to The Dines Letter for 8 years and will continue to subscribe until God has some other plan for me.
But gold and uranium are far from the only investment niches Mr. Dines is extremely bullish on.
For example, this next investment niche might also surprise you...
Although Mr. Dines does not smoke anything, he favors marijuana — as an investment.
In fact, as far back as 2014, Mr. Dines was drinking upstream from the herd when it came to the marijuana industry.
He was recommending pot stocks to his readers when other investment newsletters were too scared to consider them.
He even lost a bunch of subscribers when he began recommending them.
That was their loss, of course.
Because his pot stock recommendations produced gains as high as 2,650%!
Had you listened to Mr. Dines a few years back and invested $10,000 in one of his pot recommendations...
You’d be about $275,000 richer today.
But do not buy pot stocks today!
When the herd started drinking from that stream they drove pot stock valuations sky high.
Now, they’re in correction mode — even though many Johnny come lately’s are still bidding them up.
But this pot boom has not come and gone.
Mr. Dines is confident that a second wave — a second boom — bigger than the first is on the horizon.
But for the moment he’s keeping his powder dry.
And relying on his charts to show him when they’re close to rock bottom.
Just as he was able to do with uranium stocks.
He published his buy alert when they were within $0.90 of the bottom — right before they soared 1,650% higher.
Just as he did also with gold, publishing his buy alert on February 5, 2016, within a few dollars of gold shares’ rock-bottom prices.
So what will be the match that lights up pot stocks again?
Obviously, when the U.S. government, and not just individual states, legalizes marijuana...
And banks can finally accept deposits from marijuana businesses and make loans to them...
And when large U.S. corporations start binge buying marijuana businesses.
All of which could happen a lot sooner than you think.
To that end, Mr. Dines has selected three pot stocks — his lucky 3.
Companies that are either in a position to be bought out by larger companies at a premium...
Or companies that could grow much larger, organically, on their own.
Like Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris) did.
Now it’s one of the world's largest producers and marketers of tobacco and related products, with a market cap of $144 billion.
And many suspect that once marijuana becomes legal at the federal level, Altria and other tobacco companies will swoop in and buy up many marijuana businesses.
Which brings us back to Mr. Dines’ “lucky 5.”
All five are in Mr. Dines’ current “pot portfolio.”

Pot Stock #1:
With a current market cap of $1.3 billion, this company is one of the behemoths within the medical marijuana sector.

In fact, it produces more medical marijuana than any other company in the world.
It has approximately 665,000 square feet, about the size of 13 football fields, on which it grows marijuana.
Plus, it’s also an aggressive buyer of other marijuana companies.
As of June 2017, sales have more than doubled compared to the same quarter last year.

Pot Stock #2:
This company is also in the medical marijuana sector, but rather than developing new marijuana blends like Pot Stock #1, it sells existing blends.

As of May 2017, its revenue has risen 2.3 times since last year.
And unlike most other marijuana companies, it’s been profitable for the past four consecutive quarters. As of May 2017, it has already generated $20.4 million in revenues and $6 million in net income for the year.
Plus, it has the lowest “grow” costs in the industry.
Also, like Pot Stock #1, it’s been busy acquiring other companies in addition to growing organically.
In fact, in January, its board of directors approved a $100 million project that'll increase its growing capacity from its current 300,000 square feet to 1 million square feet by early next year. 

Pot Stock #3:
Today, this company is the only major “certified organic” marijuana grower.

And because it produces a premium product, it also charges a premium price.
The company has recorded single-week sales of over $250,000.
Also, as last reported, the company has $10.4 million in current assets compared to only $2.7 million in current liabilities. 
In other words, this company is cash rich — and an easy target for a big dollar buyout.
It trades over the counter in the $2.20 range. But Mr. Dines thinks that with patience, you could eventually buy it for much less.
And with that, it’s time for me to formally introduce myself...

My name is Nick Hodge, founder of The Outsider Club and publisher of numerous highly regarded investment newsletters: Wall Street’s Underground Profits, The Crow's Nest, Early Advantage, and others...

Nick_conference_190x190So why, you must be wondering, am I writing to you about Mr. Dines’ stock recommendations — all of which I strongly endorse — and his newsletter, The Dines Letter?
Two reasons:
One, my readers’ interests will always outweigh any “corporate rivalries or jealousies.”
Therefore, I have no problem recommending a competitor — even if it takes money out of my company’s pocket.
Especially if that competitor has consistently — decade in and decade out — made investment recommendations that have helped make his readers extremely wealthy, as Mr. Dines has done.
So I’d be ashamed of myself if I did not recommend him to my own readers.
Reason two: Mr. Dines does not do it on his own.
He has no need to.
Word of mouth has been his greatest ally.
He’s been written about or appeared on:
60 Minutes Fortune
The MacNeil-Lehrer Report Forbes
The Nightly Business Report Newsweek
PBS Business Week
Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week Time
New York Magazine The Christian Science Monitor
The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post
And that’s only a small list of publications and TV programs where he and his investment calls have been touted.
Moneyline called Mr. Dines:
"One of the most extraordinary men in America today; a man with a long and glorious reputation for being one of the first people to call the real turns and the strategic moves that have happened in our marketplaces over the years."
And though I’ve known of Mr. Dines for many years and continue to be a loyal subscriber to The Dines Letter...
The world changed for me when I heard Mr. Dines speak last year at a sold-out investors conference in San Francisco.
It was there that I approached Mr. Dines and broached the subject of permitting my company, The Outsider Club, to be the exclusive marketer and distributer of The Dines Letter.
To my amazement, negotiations ensued, and eventually we struck a deal.

And among the various provisions that I agreed to, one in particular concerns you.

Now, if for some odd reason you never heard of Mr. Dines and The Dines Letter before today...
You nevertheless know that investment newsletters — newsletters that can’t come close to the wealth-building potential of The Dines Letter — often charge their readers thousands of dollars per year.
Even though they have never produced the numbers of quadruple-digit gains The Dines Letter has produced.
  • 7,900% on Biogen
  • 5,760% on Johnson & Johnson
  • 5,602% on Amgen 
  • 4,237% on ASA 
  • 3,353% on America Online
  • 3,315% on Quest Rare Minerals
  • 3,163% on Procter & Gamble
  • 2,848% on CMGI
  • 2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
  • 2,168% on Agnico Eagle
  • 1,912% on Laramide
  • 1,559% on Rare Element
  • 1,553% on AngloGold 
  • 1,485% on Silver Std 
  • 1,291% on Pinetree
  • 1,073% on Whole Foods 
Any one of those could have made you a millionaire many times over.
Yet, those other newsletters will still charge you $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, or more per year.
But not The Dines Letter.
A one-year subscription to The Dines Letter...
Eight issues, typically 16 pages each, including charts...
And the double Annual Forecast Issue, typically over 40 pages, including charts...
10 issues in all...
Is priced at only $295.

And it’s been that price for as long as I can remember.

It’s one of the true great bargains among investment newsletters.
And Mr. Dines insists it remain that way.
That the price never be raised.
Because he wants everyone to have access, at an affordable price, to the kinds of investment research he’s world famous for providing.
Research that, month in and month out, offers you the chance to achieve enduring wealth and prosperity.
You should also know...
The money Mr. Dines helps his readers make... combined with the fact that The Dines Letter is the oldest independent, continually published investment newsletter in America...
Is why he has never, and does not today, offer any refunds.
In his typical “straight-to-the-point” way, he states:

“If you will not risk $295 for the opportunity to make millions
— to live for the rest of your days in wealth and in happiness —
as many of my readers clearly do — do not bother yourself further.
Seek your fortune elsewhere, and do not subscribe.”

But when you do subscribe... Mr. Dines offers you this FREE gift

And it couldn’t come at a better or more needed time.
U.S. first quarter GDP came in at a pitiful 1.2%.
Therefore, the economy is clearly weak.
And one more — just one more — Fed interest rate hike could be the final nail in the coffin for the U.S. economy... and the investment markets.
Because history shows us...
Whenever the Fed raises interest rates, as it’s now doing, it ends (10 out of 13 times) in a market crash and a recession.
It should also be noted, every Republican president since Ulysses S. Grant has seen a recession in his first term, including Ronald Reagan.
But more ominously still...
The stock and bond markets are now ridiculously overpriced.
Price/earnings ratios and bond prices are sky high.
All based on the inflated expectations surrounding President Trump’s economic goals, many of which have hit the wall.
For example:
  • We can’t expect the type of infrastructure spending the markets want.
  • Trump is making some headway on regulatory reform, but it’ll take a long time to see the effects.
  • Health care, of course, is a fiasco. It’s not clear how that’s going to be resolved, if at all.
  • Trump still has to contend with Syria, China, Iran and North Korea.
  • And the issue of Russian hacking is still out there. So we could see investigations and hearings drag on for years.
However, on the brighter side, if you want to call it that…
Rising geopolitical tensions and domestic political turmoil could be the perfect fuel to cause an explosion in the price of gold.
Which is why nations like Russia and China have been buying up gold literally by the ton.
And there are other powerful forces that could also combine to boost the price of gold.
For one, demand for physical gold already exceeds the current gold supply.
And know this, too...
“Paper gold contracts,” such as gold futures and gold ETFs, largely determine the price of gold.
But these gold contracts represent maybe 100 times or more the actual amount of physical gold backing those contracts.
It’s a classic case of the emperor having no clothes!
Nonetheless, as long as these contracts are continually rolled over or settled for paper money, “the system” works fine.
However, as soon as gold contract holders demand physical gold in settlement...
Because the stock or bond markets are crashing, and a recession or depression is clearly on the horizon…
These gold contract holders will be quite shocked to discover there’s not nearly enough physical gold to go around.
And at that point, a gold buying panic could arise.
A stampede into gold on a scale never seen before.
The price of gold could then skyrocket by thousands of dollars per ounce.
And gold mining stocks could see their values increase tenfold or more.
That’s why Mr. Dines wants to immediately put in your hands a FREE copy of his classic book: Goldbug!
In this updated edition, condensed from the classic textbook-sized edition, you will discover why you absolutely must put some of your money into gold right now!
Throughout its abridged 88-pages, Mr. Dines details in simple, plain English why petty politics and past and current economic policies are leading us, individually and as a country, to financial ruin.
Countless unprepared Americans... investors and non-investors alike... could see their lives completely devastated.
Indeed, our entire way of life is now threatened by politicians whose only goal is to get re-elected at any cost.
And it is we — you and me — who will bear that cost.
In scope, Goldbug! is both a prophetic and a historical document.
It shows you why only gold can protect your wealth from the political and economic mismanagement of today’s “just print more money” governments.
Why capitalism itself is threatened!
It’s a fascinating and cinematic work of unparalleled importance.
Goldbug! should be read by every American — and it should be assigned reading in every high school, college, and university.
Jim Puplava, host of FinancialSense.com, said:

“If you really want to gain an understanding of gold, what led up to various events that you’ve seen in your lifetime and more importantly where we’re going in the future, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Goldbug!  It’s well written, easy to understand, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the big picture.”
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“The Goldbug! book is so timely with what’s happening in the world and what’s happening with the world of gold. I found this book absolutely fascinating. And I adored how the book shows you how to protect yourself.”

And best of all, Goldbug! is absolutely FREE when you subscribe to The Dines Letter.

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My goal with Wall Street’s Underground Profits is simple and straightforward:
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On the second Friday of every month, I’ll send you a brand new issue of Wall Street's Underground Profits, full of my most recent recommended buys.
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  • The 2 uranium miners that could be the biggest beneficiaries of a world (led by the U.S., China, Russia, and Europe) moving ever faster towards nuclear energy.
  • The 3 pot stocks that are quickly becoming giants within the marijuana industry or prime buyout targets for any number of international conglomerates.
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